Annuity Bulldozer

The Annuity Bulldozer allows you to closely analyze the features of the products that meet your clients' needs. Simple input makes it easy to simulate the real dollars generated from various income benefits and compare the implied yields. Determining the implied yield can enable you to shrink the initial cost required to provide guaranteed income and ultimately help determine the true cost to the customer. Let the Annuity Bulldozer plow through the rubble.

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Income Annuity Toolbox

The Income Annuity Toolbox(TM) is a suite of sales and comparison tools enabling you to make informed product recommendations crafted to meet your client's retirement goals. The Toolbox is designed to position income annuities and longevity insurance so that your clients have confidence in the products you are recommending. It allows you to compare lifetime annuity products side-by-side and then use client-specific data to develop proposals that explain and depict how those products can be used to achieve your client's investment and retirement goals. Planning for your clients' retirement has never been more accurate!

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Retirement NextGen

When a client enters retirement, the focus shifts from saving to managing the distribution of assets. The goal is to make sure that the assets outlive client. There are four core measurements that can be used to evaluate the success or failure of this goal: net worth, withdrawal rates, reliability of income and free liquid assets.

Retirement NextGen helps you easily calculate, display and explain these measurements to clients to help create a plan founded upon secure, guaranteed income.

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Thrive University

Want confidence you’re structuring optimal retirement plans for your clients?

Join us for a three-day intensive workshop that provides financial advisors with today’s most powerful retirement income solutions.


  • Curtis Cloke's "Divide and Conquer" Retirement Planning
  • THRIVE Suite of Software Helps Prove “Best Interest of Client”
  • Solutions to Maximize Tax Efficiency using FIBO®
  • Income Annuity Strategies and Product Designs (SPIAs and DIAs)
  • Strategies that use Life Insurance as an Asset Class
  • Tools to Create Retirement Cash Flow and Close More Estate Cases
  • Curtis Cloke's Annuity Bulldozer (GLWB/GMIB) “Implied Yield Calculator”

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